• Stroll Cleveland Street as it appeared in 1900 and delight in the recreated stores, bank and hotel.
  • Explore the train station, logging and butchering areas.
  • Visit Snider Cabin, birthplace of William J. Snider, founder of Elloree.
  • Learn about tenant farming and meet midwife Mary Ella Jones who was responsible for delivering many Elloree babies.
  • Take a rest in the two-seater outhouse.
  • Explore a plantation gin house with its original gin, cotton press, and mechanicals.
  • Learn how cotton is grown, picked and ginned today.
  • See the variety of horse-drawn plows, planters and cultivators that farmers used to work their land.
  • Meet Ruby Doo and learn about the history of mules and the vital role they played in southern agriculture.
  • Visit the upstairs gallery for the latest show featuring work by local and regional South Carolina artists, a baseball exhibit, a postcard exhibit or any of a variety of changing exhibits